AWSG project in a nutshell

Technology allowing game developers to create high-quality content and a unique story at low cost

Procedurally generated world

With each new game, all generated elements will create a unique world that will have a rich, internally coherent world ready to be explored with and interacted with

Coherent and complementary storylines

Our goal is to create a coherent narrative each time and ensure the continuity of the story by building dependence, consistency and continuity of decisions made by the players and their presence in the game world

Based on analyzed player behavior

The system will analyze the player’s behavior and choices during the game and assign them events and quests that are consistent with the player’s needs and gaming style.

AWSG (Automatic World and Story Generator) Project is an initiative that strives to meet the needs of a modern game developer. Procedural generation systems in games can be very complex and provide interesting content but usually have shallow and disconnected storylines. The technology that we develop is designed to connect the world and story generation into one immersive universe where quests and storylines are logical and engaging.

Technology focuses primarily on the relationship between the individual mechanical elements, creating a series of connections that will result in a world that is credible from the player’s perspective. Their point of view is extremely important to us, so while generating content the system will take into account what motivates the player to continue engaging with the gameworld and gameplay.

We decided to base the technology around motivation due to transparency and flexibility of those psychological mechanisms, which will prevent throwing the player into an endless loop of the same behavior. The game based on AWSG will react to the player’s readings by increasing the frequency of events related to a given motivation, as those can change – the game will follow new storylines and quests.


Our first product is planned to be a paragraph game with elements of exploration and environment interaction, however the AWSG system is applicable to other game genres as well.

Project is cofinanced by National Centre for Research and Development (Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju) and is conducted by Viabo Games (Bydgoszcz, Poland).

Meet the team

Picture of a woman in ponytail wearing red glasses

Marta Tymińska

R&D Lead

Game studies researcher specialising in interdisciplinary study of avatars. Responsible for research coordination and quality.

Picture of a man with short brown hair wearing a tuxedo

Krzysztof Chmielewski

R&D Specialist

Game designer with 10 years of experience and game design teacher. Specialized in games for education and social change.

Picture of a man with beard and short brown hair

Mateusz Kulik

Head of Developement

Experienced programmer specialising in automation and Unreal Engine. Responsible for the project quality and technical approach.

Picture of a man with short blonde hair

Dawid Mroczkowski


Psychologist with gaming industry experience. Responsible for integrating the motivation factor into procedurally generated content.

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